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Track them down


We live near Winchester, love to know where can we track down your excellent Chilli Honey Peanuts, Chilli Cashews, Chilli Almonds and Whole Cranberries locally?




Hi, I'm not really a message type of person, but I bought a pack of your honey cashews, hazelnut & macadamias at Snape Maltings, I think they maybe one of the best things I've ever eaten, I'm at home,upstairs cleaning but I can't stop eating these things, the wife is gonna kick me when she finds me Fantastic work well done!!


Where to find Quibbles

hi I've just recently been in manchester and picked up a bag of your honey cashews, hazelnuts and belgian choc honeycomb. They were so yummy.

But I live in Northern Ireland and just wondering where i could find them?



Love your mixed nuts!

Love your mixed nuts!  I got them at Whole Foods London.  I live in Aberdeenshire.  Does anyone in my area sell them?  I have been looking but no luck so far.  Is it possible to order online?



Quibbles on the platform

Dear CEO of Quibbles

Just to say I think your spicy nuts are damn good.

I buy them at Epsom railway station, typically when southwest trains screw up and I have to change trains, such as this evening.

Fortunately for you, southwest trains are diabolical, so I buy them quite regularly.

Given what a great product you make, and of a consistently high quality, perhaps you might like to apply for the top job at Southwest trains.

Anyway, good luck with your business, and perhaps you could let me know which supermarkets stock them - just in case Southwest trains sort their act out.

Many thanks and best wishes to your team



Terrific Quibbles


A colleague shared one of your packs recently which was terrific.

Can you tell me who has the complete selection nearest to Marylebone or is online

ordering best?  And, are larger size bags planned?

What quantities would we order to get wholesale pricing?

Many thanks


In sweden

Hello, I was in London last week and got hold of your nice snacks! Now back in Sweden all is already consumed. :-( So I wonder if I can get it somewhere here in Sweden or buy online? Cheers! /Niclas


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